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I dedicate this group to my incredible son, my "Gentle Giant", Reid Landry Garrant, Forever 22 years old. Reid died on June 1st, 2018 from a rare and aggressive form of Leukemia/Blood Cancer called Acute Promyelocytic Myeloid Leukemia or APML. For more information about Reid's story, please visit his website:
NEW MEMBERS MUST ANSWER 3 qualifying questions and check that they have read the rules and regulations prior to being accepted into our group. This is important to maintain the integrity of this very special space. PLEASE tell potential new members prior to inviting them

As a clinician, who trained at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and is now a bereaved mother, whose son was treated by DFCI in the hours before his death...I knew I wanted to do something to both honor my son and also help other parents, step-parents, grandparents and long-term caregivers. When your child dies, it is truly different than any other death a person could experience. It is a death that should never come before that of a parent or grandparent. It is "out of order" and unspeakably torturous and unendurable. Yet, each of us are expected to forge ahead in life without our child and in many cases, an only child. 


If you have experienced the death of one or more children, then this group is for you. That being said, it is not formal therapy (despite the fact that I am a clinical social worker and have a private practice where I work with bereaved families) but can be truly "therapeutic" for our group members. We have all become part of this close knit tribe that we never expected to be a part of. This safe space gives us all a place to talk about the love and lives of our child or children who left us too soon.

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