Client Testimonials

"As a clinical supervisor, Paula provides compassionate, ethical feedback​ on practice issues. She aligns with me as a clinical social worker and challenges systemic and personal biases that impact patient care. Paula also provides practical suggestions to consider. I always feel re-energized and ready to tackle complicated situations after a supervision session with Paula!" A.D.

"There is no way that I would have gotten through the past year of my life without Paula. I had just about given up hope at finding help for my 14 year old daughter. Not only did she save her, she kept me sane. She went above and beyond. I cannot say enough about Paula. Thank you does not do you justice! " L.K.

"I had first started to go see Paula after a rough breakup in a toxic relationship over the summer of 2015, which left me in a very bad place. Flash forward over 2 years later and I was still going to see Paula every week. Though I had moved on from the initial emotional trauma of that relationship fairly quickly thanks to her amazing support I found that it not only helped me in all aspects of my life to talk to her but I honestly looked forward to going every week! From social life issues to family problems and education to career dilemmas, Paula was not only able to help me get through my troubles but was able to help guide me in the right direction and turn my life completely around for the better. Over my time seeing her I have gone from someone emotionally unstable, had stopped going to community college, and living at home while working dead end jobs to now moving to Pennsylvania to attend a University to attain my childhood dreams in a field that I love while living on my own! None of that would be possible without Paula’s help, and even now, when I come home to visit family I always make sure to make an appointment and check in with the person who helped make this all possible! "  N.B.

"​If you are considering therapy for yourselves or your loved ones, pick up that phone and call Seascape!  I have known Paula both professionally and Personally for several years and one of my children saw her for therapy. She is a gifted and authentic therapist and will truly make a difference in your life. Love you Paula and thank you!"  K.G.​

"From the very first phone call I knew that Paula would change our family's life. Her confidence and calm, kind voice made us feel instantly comfortable. In looking for a therapist for our young children, ages 6 and 9, we needed someone with expertise in adoption, gender identity, and chronic illness. Paula not only has the expertise that we need, but she also has an almost magical way with children-stocked with toys, puppets, a beautiful dollhouse, a sandtray and many games. Our children were instantly comfortable with her, and through play have been able to express their feelings and work through experiences. Paula ends every session with a special snack, some stickers and a secret handshake. Our children never want to leave. Paula Garrant has made an incredible difference in all of our lives. She is compassionate, fun, smart and insightful. She has helped our family get through so many challenges and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a therapist." B.M.